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Why AssistFlare?

Decrease Customer Support Workload with an Instant Self-Service Knowledge Base

Enable customers to easily find answers with your SEO-optimized knowledge base, reducing support interactions and building trust through comprehensive, accessible documentation.

Help your Customers Get Started Faster

AssistFlare is designed to enhance your customer support with a touch of ease and efficiency. It offers a straightforward and accessible knowledge base, enabling your customers to quickly find the information they need.

This reduces the demand for direct support, streamlining your operations.

It is a friendly approach to self-service, balancing customer independence with support team efficiency, ultimately leading to a smoother, more satisfying experience for everyone involved.


Building Customer Trust through Transparent Documentation

AssistFlare supports building customer trust by providing a straightforward way to create detailed documentation. When customers have easy access to clear information about your products and services, it helps them feel more secure in their choices.

This direct access to information underscores your commitment to transparency and helps your customers feel more informed and confident.

Boosting SEO: Leveraging Structured Content and Domain Subdirectory Integration

AssistFlare enhances SEO through well-structured, keyword-rich content in its knowledge base, improving site visibility in search results.

Its user-friendly interface also contributes to a better user experience, a key factor for search engines.

Additionally, AssistFlare offers /subdirectory custom domain hosting, integrating the knowledge base into your main site (e.g., further boosting SEO by linking the content more closely to your primary domain.


Seamless Integration and Collaboration: Keep your Data in Notion and Harness Notion's Capabilities

By integrating with Notion, AssistFlare ensures that all your data remains within this familiar platform, simplifying knowledge base management.

This setup allows you to leverage Notion's powerful team collaboration capabilities for maintaining and updating your content.

Teams can work together in real-time, directly in Notion, to create, edit, and manage knowledge base articles, making the most of collective knowledge and expertise.

Match Your Brand: Customizing Your Knowledge Base

AssistFlare allows you to infuse your brand's style into your knowledge base effortlessly.

With simple logo uploads, theme choices, and customizable menus, you can create a knowledge base that not only informs but also impresses your users with its professional and cohesive design.

This level of customization ensures that every interaction with your knowledge base is an extension of your brand experience.


Everything you Need to Build Your Knowledge Base

SEO Optimization

Enhance search engine visibility with meta tags, language settings, sitemap, and crawler hints.

Custom Domain

Establish a unique, professional web presence with a custom domain for your knowledge base.

Full Text Search

Enable users to quickly find information with a powerful full-text search feature.

Custom Code/CSS Support

Personalize your site with custom code/CSS, offering flexibility in design and functionality.

Code Embed with Syntax Highlighting

Embed code snippets with syntax highlighting that adapts to light/dark mode.

Comprehensive Notion Blocks Support

Utilize a wide range of Notion blocks to enrich your content and enhance user experience.

Draft Articles

Manage content effectively with the option to exclude unfinished articles from the knowledge base.

Article Reactions

Collect instant feedback on articles with user reaction options.

Suggested Articles

Guide users to relevant content with intelligently suggested articles you choose.

Suggested Articles

Guide users to relevant content with intelligently suggested articles you choose.

Light/Dark Mode

Offer a comfortable viewing experience with light/dark mode and adaptable logos and themes.

Customize Visual Elements

Tailor favicon, OG Image, theme colors, and link colors to align with your brand.

Menu Editor

Edit your site's header and footer menus easily with the drag-and-drop menu editor.

Live Preview Customization

Instantly see how your customization choices affect your site's look and feel.


Keeps content current with automatic syncing from Notion every 5 minutes on pro plans.

Free SSL Certificate and CDN

Secures your site and enhances performance with SSL and a DDoS protected CDN.

Blazing Fast

Boosts your site's speed and security with HTTP/2 and HTTP/3, and uses Brotli compression and Early Hints for quicker load times.

Automatic Image Optimizations

Ensures your images are optimized for performance and quality automatically.

How does it Work?

Duplicate our template

Duplicate our free Notion template to your own workspace and write your knowledge base articles.

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Make your page public

Next, make your root Notion database public and paste the URL into AssistFlare's dashboard.

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Customize and publish

Preview your knowledge base and add custom colors, logo, favicon. Then share it with the world.

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