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A free 7 days trial of our pro plan with no strings attached

Updated: December 28, 2023

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AssistFlare provides a free trial of the pro plan for 7 days, without you requiring to provide any credit card information upfront.
When you sign up for AssistFlare and get to your dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted on whether you want to start your free trial immediately.
Free trial prompt on AssistFlare dashboard
Free trial prompt on AssistFlare dashboard

Starting the Trial

You can choose to start the trial immediately or defer the trial for a later date. If you choose to start your free trial, you will be immediately placed on the Pro Plan and the Free Plan button on the top right of the dashboard will change to reflect your new Pro Plan trial:
Pro Plan (Trial) started
Pro Plan (Trial) started

Deferring the Trial

You can choose to defer the trial for some later date if you so wish by clicking on the Later button on the free trial modal and you will not be prompted to start the trial again.

Starting Deferred Trial

If at any point you want to start the trial after deferring earlier, you can go to your Plan & Billing page by clicking on your profile image from the top-right of the page and clicking on the Plan & Billing menu item:
notion image
On the Plan & Billing page, click on Start Trial to start your deferred free trial:
notion image

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